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No passenger seat.. No problem. We got you!! Tenderfenders is your 'pick up' partner! ‪#‎tenderfenders‬

Tenderfenders are multi-purpose gel pads:  
6 x 9 dimension   3/8 thickness Transparent black


Tenderfenders are a great temporary alternative to Suction cup and p-pad Motorcycle seats.  Tenderfenders are not a permanent substitute and are not designed to be used as such.  Weather, like heat and cold, will compromise the dexterity of Tenderfenders.  Please store Tenderfenders in between uses.    - Thank you!!  Enjoy the ride!

Tenderfenders Gel Pads

Tenderfenders can also be purchased at:

D&D Discount Motorcycles

As a whole our mission has always been the safety of the rider, driver or passenger while considering comfort of a good ride.  
As a secondary goal we must consider the integrity of your paint and the pride it took to make it.  
Combining these goals is the ultimate way to enjoy Tenderfenders, LLC.  

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Mens T-Shirts:  Black only

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